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Role of hormonal imbalance in erectile dysfunction.

Your body has nearly 50-52 hormones that have a wide range of functions. Some of these hormones are related to your reproductive system and will influence your reproductive system?s functions. Abnormal levels of a few hormones may even lead to erectile dysfunction that has to be addressed immediately. Before treating your erection issues, you should first look into your hormonal imbalance, as this can lead to other severe complications. Erectile dysfunction can be easily dealt with, using the male enhancement pills. Testosterone is the male hormone, which is crucial for your reproductive system to be healthy; and, if this hormone?s levels go down, it can have a negative impact on your sexual life. You can check this site, for more details about male enhancement pills, and about how these help you treat your erectile dysfunction, and decreased testosterone levels.

Most of the times, abnormal hormone levels will lead to fatigue, and muscle loss, which in turn will take a toll on your libido or the sex drive. Cushing?s syndrome is caused when your body is exposed to elevated levels of cortisols. Abnormal weight gain, fatigue, erectile dysfunction, etc., are some of the symptoms of this syndrome. Hyperthyroidism and hypothyroidism are two conditions related to the thyroid gland and are caused by the elevated levels or the decreased levels of thyroxine hormone. These conditions can be treated with simple tablets, radiotherapy or minor surgery.

Hypogonadism is a condition wherein testosterone levels drop, which in turn will decrease the libido. To improve the testosterone levels, one must have a healthy diet plan and an active lifestyle. Addison?s disorder is another adrenal gland disorder, just like Cushing?s syndrome, which lowers the libido and blood flow to your genitals. Adrenal glands release the stress hormones, when you are stressed, and it is not good for your libido. To keep adrenal gland disorders at bay, you need to keep yourself calm, and stress-free.

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