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Fat loss and thyroid activity

Earlier, it was believed that only insulin hormone had a significant role in lipolysis. But now, it is proved that, even the thyroid activity and the fat loss are interconnected. The hormones released by thyroid glands can increase the metabolism rate and this help in fat loss.
But thyroid deficiency is normal these days; there are two different conditions- one is under-activity, and the other one is over-activity of the thyroid gland. If the thyroid gland is underactive, then it reduces the metabolic rate of the body and thus leads to more fat storage. This is when PhenQ can help you. This fat loss pill when consumed, will trigger the metabolism in brown fat cells, and thus help you lose more weight. It is always better to talk to your physician before the usage.
The phenq reviews will tell you, how will PhenQ act on the body, and how the fat loss is achieved.

Optimized thyroid gland promotes fat loss. The thyroid gland is one the most important gland in the body. It is an endocrine gland with vital functions like breathing, heartbeat, body temperature, metabolism, muscular strength and much more.These glands secrete two hormones namely triiodothyronine(T3) and thyroxine(T4) using iodine.
These two hormones play a significant role in metabolism. Metabolism is calculated by, measuring the oxygen amount that is utilized by the body over a fixed period of time. The result you get after the calculation, is known as Basal Metabolic Rate(BMR). In the case of high BMR, T3 nad T4 are synthesized and secreted at a higher rate, during which, the thyroid gland is said to be overactive. This is a medical condition known as hyperthyroidism, during this,significant weight loss can be overserved due to high metabolism rate.
Low BMR means, T3 & T4 are secreted in low quantities, and the thyroid gland is said to be underactive and dramatic weight gain is observed.

Thyroid activity that is, not too high or not too low has a significant role in fat loss. The hormones T3 and T4, promote metabolism and thermogenesis that is crucial for fat loss.

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